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Loss Prevention


Loss of inventory or "shrink" accounts for tens of billions of dollars in losses for retailers each year. While most store owners recognize the threat posed by unscrupulous costumers, employees are often overlooked as potential weak spots in inventory management. At CERBERUS, we help formulate and execute comprehensive loss prevention plans that help stop theft from both front of house and back of house operations.

Access Control


Controlling who has access to your building is paramount in maintaining the safety of those inside. From ex-employees to ex-spouses, the consequences of unauthorized access can be devastating. We provide both armed and unarmed, uniformed and plainclothes security officers that will enforce your facility's perimeter and ensure the safety of both the personnel and property on the other side.



Whether a high school dance or corporate conference, the last thing you want to worry about during your event is safety. Don't let unruly guests or an accidental fire alarm ruin your experience - from traffic and crowd control to white-glove ushering and concierge service, leave the well-being of your attendees to us and be assured your event runs smoothly from start to finish.



Want to ensure your business, house, or apartment complex is monitored by a real person in real time? We offer both overt (marked car) and covert (unmarked car) patrols on a schedule custom designed for you. From periodic "check ins" to a constant mobile presence, we offer a full suite of solutions to fit your property's unique needs.


While security cameras alone are a good for recording and documenting activity, active monitoring takes a proactive approach that can alert police, fire, or EMS as appropriate to protect your property (or vulnerable community) in real time. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring service and will automatically alert you whenever we see something that doesn't look quite right, or based on your own custom set of criteria.



At CERBERUS, we believe that prevention is always preferable to intervention, but finding out what happened after an incident is just as important. To that end, we offer comprehensive private investigation services for personal, legal, and corporate needs, prioritizing confidentiality and accuracy. Our investigation services include background checks, suspicious subject surveillance, missing person searches, worker's comp investigations, and support for legal and corporate cases. Whether you need hard evidence (photographs, affidavits, field reports) to present to the police or simply want to confirm what you already suspect to be true, we can provide the information you need to hold any wrongdoer accountable.

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