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Types of Security

At CERBERUS, we offer a full suite of security services, tailored to your individual needs. Read on to learn more about the types of security services we offer, and some typical applications for each.

Standing guard service

This is the most traditional type of service people envision when they consider hiring security for their business. A uniformed guard standing at his post, deterring would-be criminals by his presence while simultaneously answering customer questions and perhaps even greeting those who pass by. A standing guard can also serve as a checkpoint for access control, ensuring no contraband enters or leaves your facility.

Standing guard service is well-suited to most client sites and is the default service we provide if no other type of service is requested. However, standing guard service is in many cases just the foundation for a more comprehensive security program.

Foot patrol

Foot patrol involves an either random or fixed patrol of a guard through or around a client site on, as the name indicates, foot. The guard reports his findings, if any, at the end of each patrol, as well as the time of the patrol, in a logbook. At a client’s request, the guard can also use technology to evidence his patrols by way of a “guard wand,” a handheld device that internally records each time it makes contact with a fixed point, typically a discrete metal receiver attached to various areas along a desired patrol route.

While we offer both fixed and random interval patrols per the client’s request, fixed interval patrols are generally not advised as their predictable schedule allows a would-be criminal to plan around them with relative ease. In contrast, random interval patrols, carried out at the guard’s discretion a minimum of number of times each shift, are not so easily circumvented.

Vehicle patrol

An excellent option for clients who do not require (or cannot afford) a constant on-site security presence, vehicle patrols allow for periodic check-ins on a property to ensure no security breaches have taken place. Vehicle patrols also create a visual deterrent to would-be criminals who will often “case” a property before deciding to break into it. Additionally, while we offer overnight as well as daytime periodic vehicle patrol check-ins, we also offer constant vehicle patrols of larger facilities such as warehouses, retail parking lots, and college campuses.

In requesting a vehicle patrol of your property, you have the option of either an overt (marked) security vehicle or a covert (unmarked) vehicle, depending on your particular needs. If you’re unsure of which one to choose, we’ll work with you to ascertain which option is best.

Remote camera monitoring

While security cameras can serve as a strong deterrent against crime and helpful back-up if an incident does occur, they are much more effective when actively monitored than when simply set to passively record. To that end, we offer live remote camera monitoring services to clients with web-based security cameras so that you (as well as the police or fire department) can be alerted as soon as something happens on your property. And if you don’t already have a security camera system in place, we can refer you to one of our trusted security camera installers to begin the process of putting 24/7 eyes on your property.


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